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About Us

Gala Kitchens & Bath was founded with the vision born out of two sound principles: Client-centric design and impeccable customer service. Whether your space is wide open with room to imagine or quite cozy in which we have to be creative, we will work with you to make sure that your kitchen is build exactly the way you want from the ground up.

Our design process starts with your ideas and vision for your home from which our design team will help you bring your ideas to life in a set of plans that will guide our craftsmen to create the cabinetry of your dreams. We cherish this vision and will leave no stone unturned in the journey from concept to reality. With our passion, knowledge, and capacity paired with your space and vision, we ultimately end up with a one of a kind unique space in which you will be able to call your own!

Initial Designer/Client meeting


  1. View your home and areas to be renovated

  2. Review client ideas, photos and preferences

  3. Review Gala Kitchen & Bath’s portfolio of completed projects

  4. Idea generation

  5. Initial budget discussion including home value / remodel investment parameters, client goals, and cost estimates



Once retained, Gala’s Client-Focused design process starts with a field measure and is typically completed in six phases. Depending on the complexity and number of rooms to be designed, client meetings are scheduled as needed.


Narrowing the design goals


  • Second site visit made to measure the existing space

  • Complete a Gala Kitchen & Bath client-focused design questionnaire

  • Confirm project budget and design goals

  • Outline and confirm scope of work and timing

  • Discuss options for cabinetry, finishes and materials


Design Options


  • Third meeting to discuss layout options

  • The pros and cons of each option

  • A final layout is agreed upon often using aspects of more than one option

  • Select cabinetry, finishes and materials


Confirm details


  • Review the newly created floor plan

  • Confirm cabinetry, finishes and materials

  • Discuss various options and related costs


Finalize the Agreement


  • Detailed proposal is presented

  • Review responsibilities and timing

  • Confirm final agreement




  • Cabinetry is put into production

  • Construction schedule is prepared


Final Completion


  • Final Walk through

  • Deficiency list is created

  • Finished to your satisfaction

Our Process

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